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Huntington Beach, CA
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Before my boyfriend part I: When he breaks all the rules and gets your number from the records at work

As mentioned in my bio, I am currently with my boyfriend of several years and am very happy but I wanted to write about my single days and some of the horrific dates I went on just a few years ago.

My first story is about my car. I was driving down a country road at night and drove over what I thought was just a paper bag. When I rolled over it doing 80kmh the crushing sound of denting metal was all you could hear. There was no way I was going to pull over on this dark dank road by myself so I cursed the whole way home and to my dismay whatever was in that retched bag had scratched the passenger side of my car and put a huge dent in my rear wheel well. One week later I was up early to go to a volleyball tournament and lo and behold I run over a metal “thingy” in the middle of the highway and make matters worse. In the end I saved up some money and took the car to a local body shop that was recommended to me.

I honestly don’t remember too much of the experience except that the staff was very nice, the reception area was clean and orderly and they did a fantastic job on my car. A couple of days later I get this call from the guy (who apparently) I dealt with at the body shop; he got my number from the records and wonders if I would like to meet up for some dinner. Well, I thought this was a really sweet thing to do and agreed to go out with him the following Saturday.

Saturday rolls around and he picks me up. On the drive he asks if I golf so I said that I like the driving range, and that was perfect because we were going to his golf club for dinner. During the drive he begins to tell me a lot about the business problems he and his dad were going through and that he doesn’t have a car currently so the car he picked me up in is a loaner.

Business man? Check, Cute? Check Owns his own car? No check.

So we pull up and get out onto the driving range and I start cranking the ball (my previous baseball experience may have helped a little), well doesn’t he start complaining about how I sure knew how to take the romance out of a date….Seriously buddy if you thought you were going to come in behind and show me how to swing a golf club he had another thing coming. So, we proceed to dinner and have a great time. Despite his earlier tantrum we make arrangements for another date the following Saturday.

Fast Forward to the following Saturday at 8pm and I have called his cell a couple of times and I’m wondering what to do because of course there are other places I could be on a Saturday night! He finally calls to say that he is at a golf tournament in Pickering and he completely forgot our date (how important WAS I??) so he was going to have to cancel….well I NEVER! I told him to enjoy his tourney and off I went to party with some friends of mine.

Doesn’t he call me the next day tells me he has a surprise for me and he will pick me up in an hour….so I told him no, pick me up in 2 hours.

He shows up in this red prowler sports car, no flowers no nothing, says HI to my parents who gave him the jab about forgetting about our date the night before and we get in. Before we even pull out from the driveway he says to me that if I even think he is going to beg for my forgiveness about last night then I am sadly mistaken (who is this guy!). Then, if I thought it couldn’t get any worse he then tells me that he needs to find a wife (hello second date!) that is religious and goes to church on Sundays because golf is his religion and she needs something to do while he golf’s. After I subdue the shocking look on my face, I casually turn to him and tell him that shopping is my religion and as long as he gives me his credit card I would have no problem shopping while he golf’s.

His answer? As long as I came home with something for him. I WAS FURIOUS!

He then proceeds to take me to another golf club for dinner where the dining room is closed and we had to sit in the clubhouse to eat. I am not so prissy as to have this affect me but there was golf showing on the big screen TV and he was in heaven knowing he could watch golf on our date!


I ordered what turned out to be my burnt grilled cheese and left for the bathroom. As I am pacing back and forth trying desperately for my phone to work (oh yes absolutely no cell service to boot!) trying to figure out what to do I head back to the table. At this point he really had been sulking the whole time so when I sat down I shoved my finger in his face and told him that if he didn’t stop sulking he would be taking me home because I was sick of it. He THEN started to apologize about everything but I told him I didn’t want to hear it. So, he took me for ice cream to make up for it.

It is 7pm, on a Sunday and we are sitting there eating our ice cream and he gets a phone call…..


He needs to return it as they have to go out! I was floored, first of all who thinks that a car for a girl is a surprise and the fact that he didn’t spend any money to rent it for me was sooo unclassy. I mean, does this guy spend his money on anything other then golf?!?!?

Oh yeah, it’s not over yet…..

When he dropped me off I casually told him he wasn’t going to hear from me for awhile (if ever!) because I had all sorts of playoffs coming up for volleyball and baseball. Wouldn’t you know he calls and leaves a message (after I refused to answer my phone) about how he and the guys at the shop would take coffees if I am in the area (as if! Who says that anywayz?). Then calls again the following weekend, He starts laying into me about the fact that he doesn’t understand why he hasn’t heard from me and that when he likes someone he goes out of his way to make contact and who do I think I am. Do I think that he is going to sit there and read a newspaper and wait for me? I basically told him that I wouldn’t suggest doing that because he would be waiting a long time and that I would call him when I felt like it. Needless to say that night he kept calling my cell and I just cursed at it the first few times but then ignored his sorry ass.

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