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Huntington Beach, CA
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

All u Can Eat: to be healthy or not so healthy

My boyfriend loves this concept because he says that he always goes for quantity over quality.

Such a GUY response, don’t you think?

There are so many to choose from; Chinese buffet, All u can Eat Sushi, All u can eat seafood. Now I must say that ours are not as bad as the USA because not everything is fried, however it is still the concept of eating until you are so full that you have to undo a button….or two.

For someone who is trying to maintain or lose weight these places can be torture! It’s a great place to go with the family because of the variety and everyone will like something, but there is so much grease, msg, carbs, sodium and not to mention those delicious desserts that come in all shapes and sizes.

Where do you begin?

I don’t know about you but if I start with salad everyone at the table looks at me like i'm crazy because and I quote “you don’t go to a buffet to eat SA-AH-LAD” who needs that kind of pressure?!?! So, I scour the menu or the buffet tables for some vegetables, non-saturated meat or fish and then I’ll complete my plate with a little bit of naughtiness. I usually only have one plate plus salad and a dessert and I keep telling myself that as long as I am not going to buffet everyday…..oh who am I kidding I will be catching up at the gym all week anywayz!

All u can eat sushi is a little better, I try to have the low sodium soya sauce (yes it’s the one with the green lid…I was sooo happy when I figured that one out!), the white rice is a killer but I don’t think we are going to have that changed anytime soon but the rest is usually raw fish which is enriched with omega 3 and vitamin B. I will also indulge in some shrimp and veggie tempura because you have to have SOMETHING fried right?!?!?

Next time you are out at a buffet or all u can eat pick wisely, go a little overboard and stop fretting about the gym in moderation because life is about living and we all have our limitations so just respect them.

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