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Huntington Beach, CA
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Surrounded by little (and big!) Angels

I am one of the luckiest people in the world and I didn’t realize it until these past two years. Over the last year I have really determined what is important in my life and who I share that life with. And so I would like to tell you a little about the extra special ones that don’t seem to get the recognition they deserve.

My friend Tiffany is such a strong woman going thru one of the more horrible diagnoses ever, Multiple Sclerosis (MS). She was diagnosed a year or so after her mom died and doesn’t have too much family behind her except her sister. She lives alone through her struggles but has recently been with a really nice guy, and she deserves everything he has to offer her, finally. I’ve seen and heard the struggles and think that she is one of the strongest women I know and for that I am proud to be her friend. I am hoping she will conquer her fear of writing and will write something for us in our feature blog because I think you will find it inspiring and uplifting. See my pledge page for MS in the Average Way.

My friend Rebecca & Wanda, Rebecca is 10 years old and her mother is Wanda. They have lived with Cerebral Palsy for Rebecca’s whole life and they roll with the punches. Just last year they remodeled their home to accommodate Rebecca’s wheelchair and to give her some freedom by adding an elevator directly into her room with access to the other floors in the house. Recently Rebecca has undergone surgery on her hips and she has blogged about the experience on her own personal blog ( She still has another month and a bit to go in Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital but she is always smiling and Wanda and her husband Peter are there every step of the way. This Family has really opened my eyes and inspired me through their positive outlook on life. See my pledge page for Easter Seals in the Average Way.

My cousin Elizabeth and Janet, Elizabeth is 8 years old and her mother is Janet. They say that when Elizabeth was in the womb she had a seizure so when she was born the seizures never stopped and she had limited function in her left side. A couple of years ago, Janet and David (her dad, my uncle) had to make a risky decision when doctors approached them with an experimental surgery to take out the left side of Lizzy’s brain. Their thought was to avoid the storms in the right brain from disturbing the left brain and that it would stop the seizures. They went ahead and Lizzy has made progress by leaps and bounds, she is a joy to be around and full of life. Janet and David are so proud of her and the progress she has made, it has been a tough 8 years but they are starting to see some light.

Last but not least, Kenadie Jourdin Bromley. You will hear a lot from Brianne but I wanted to talk about my experiences with Kenadie. She doesn’t ever stop amazing me, you see I have known Brianne and Courtney since before Kenadie was born and therefore had the wonderful experience of knowing Kenadie before the whole world did. I saw her for the first time when they all came over one New Years and she was the tiniest most delicate thing I have ever seen. Brianne and Courtney as resilient as they are were so positive and doting on their daughter it was heart warming to see. Through the years I have watched her grow, welcome a baby brother into her life and persevere. She is constantly smiling that goofy grin, and has been so brave and fearless when you would think that no one that size could be. She has endured, made the most of her
Life thus far and seen the world all in a short 7 and a half years of her life. Kenadie and Brianne give me life everytime I see them, and the sunshine that beams from Kenadie’s smiles are priceless. See Kenadies website at

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